CIPC Youth Forum

The Pierre de Coubertin Forum takes place every two years, always in a different country. Each school can send up to 7 students (boys and girls) between the age of 16 and 18 plus 1 accompanying teacher. The CIPC supports the Coubertin Schools with materials they can use in lessons and which serve as preparation for the Youth Forum. Together with the IOC, the CIPC supports the stay at the venue financially; the participants mostly reside in youth hostels. Each participating school pays for their own travelling expenses.
The Youth Forum is not only meant to be an opportunity for young people to experience cultural exchange and to meet people from different parts of the world, the Youth Forum, too, has been filled with content on basis of Coubertin’s educational ideas. Therefore, the CIPC developed the international Coubertin-Award. It consists of 5 different performances and, as individual achievement test, has been the centre of attention during each Youth Forum.
The 5 performances are

  1. Knowledge about Coubertin, the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Values
  2. Sport practice performances
    • Cross country race
    • Long jump
    • Discus or javelin throwing
    • Swimming
  1. Arts performance as individual or group presentation
  2. Social performance: activities at home during the months before the Youth Forum, e.g. support people who need help, protection of environment, leaders  in youth commissions, sports clubs etc.
  3. Debating clubs about relevant aspects of Olympism
    • ethical values (e.g. fair play, internationalism, solidarity, all sport games, citius-altius-fortius)
    • dangers (e.g. doping, instrumentalizing athletes, north-south-conflict, inequality of technical conditions)
    • general questions about Olympic Games

The Coubertin-Award has the inscription:
“voir loin, parler franc, agir ferme “, which means “see afar, speak frankly, act firmly”.
Those students, who have already achieved the Coubertin Award and have received the medal, report, that they since then feel obliged to this motto in the sense of an independent way of life.

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