Arrival days

Arrival days of the 11th International Pierre de Coubetin Youth Forum

The busy preparation year is now over, we are excited to greet the firt guests. The first guests arrived from India and South Africa (18.08.2017). The guests met also with Olev Saluveer, a school principal.

In the evening, all volunteers got in mini-concert by Indian boy Raj Anand. Indians said that they really like Estonian language and also that they enjoy speakin in Indian so nobody would understand them. In the evening, the Great Britain delegation joined others in a hotel withe the plans to be really busy next day withe the preparations for their performances.

On August 19th, in the early hours, Argentina, Mauritius and Brazil arrived. Merje Aavik, who is responsible for accommodation, was very surprised that despite of the 25-hour flight the guests were still so joyful and energetic. All the groups met also with volunteers from Ülenurme Gymnasium. Accodation is in the Rehe Hotel. The plan is to have daily walk in the mornings to Ülenurme Gymnasium, which allows them to see the nature of the surroundings area and get to know Ülenurme. All participants are already like a big and friendly family and get already along surprisingly well.

By the evening of 19th of August most of the delegations had arrived. From Erfurd-Germany we also have CIPC (Committee International Pierre de Coubertin) members Ines Nikolaus, Elvira Ramini, Semir Kamhawi. Relative of Pierre de Coubertin, Alexandra de Navacelle Zolidis de Coubertin had also arrived.

Despite of the rain after warm and beautiful day, delegations gather in the Ülenurme Gymnasium for the dinner, after which they and unformal informational gathering in the assembly hall, small tour on school and disco night, while teachers had their first informational meeting.

(Merilin Miks)